Capital Equipment Financing

Loans and Leases for All Industries & Most Equipment Types

Acquiring new or used equipment is most likely the largest capital investment you will make for your business. Equipment financing and leasing is an easy, economical way for businesses of any size to acquire equipment without making a large cash investment. Whether you are looking to expand current capacity or looking to replace old, inefficient equipment, Western Financial will help you acquire the equipment that you need for your business.

Your decision to finance equipment should not be taken lightly. We provide you with all the necessary resources to get the equipment you need when you need it.

Commercial Trucks

We offer a variety of loan and lease options to build or expand your fleet. We work with wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers who use Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles.

Healthcare Financing

Expanding your facility? Updating your technology? We offer a wide range of financing options designed specifically for the healthcare services industry.

Franchise Financing

Western Financial is a proud partner of many of the most recognized brands throughout the United States.

Financing in Canada

We service companies throughout the country with lease and loan options for equipment purchases, vendors, and wholesale services – in both Canadian and U.S. dollars.


We work with construction contractors, equipment dealers, rental companies, and construction equipment manufacturers to customize financing options.

Specialty Vehicles

We finance and lease a variety of vocational equipment, including refuse and recycling haulers, emergency vehicles, and tow, utility, and tire services trucks.

    • Fixed Rates With Monthly Payment
    • Quick Turnaround Time
    • Provides Significant Tax Benefits
    • Helps Guard Against Inflation
    • Enables Off Balance Sheet Financing
    • Preserves Working Capital
    • 100% Financing
    • No Security Deposit Required
    • Terms Ranging From 3 Months To 7 Years
    • All Industries With Most Equipment Types

Some of the industries we serve:

    • Manufacturing
    • Agriculture
    • Construction
    • Software
    • Information Technology
    • Restaurant/Food Retail
    • Convenience Stores
    • Transportation
    • Mining
    • Consumer Retail
    • Telecommunications
    • Printing
    • Non-Profit
    • Aviation
    • Utilities
    • Oil & Gas
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Professional Services
    • Green Energy
    • Recreation
Rate No traditional interest owned, however must consider the cost of capital and depletion of cash for future purchases Usually variable for the term of the contract Fixed for the entire term of the contract
Down Payment 100% of cost deducted from vital working capital Typically 15-35% No down payment required and 100% financing avaliable
Credit Impact Does not contribute to building effective credit histroy that may be needed to seure future lines of credit May report credit issuance to the major credit bureaus Builds positive credit history by reporting to commercial credit agencies
Lines Of Credit May diminish capital requirements that will potentially affect bank covenants Ties up bank lines Frees up bank lines and cash for future use
Turnaround Time Complete ownership immediately, assuming all risk and associated costs 10 days - 4 weeks As little as 24 hours
Maximum Loan Amount Cash payment may make it difficult to secure any future loans, having spent capital needed for repayment and necessary down payment or collateral Up to $2 Million depending on credit and collateral Amount based on ability to repay
Soft Cost Coverage Requires an outlay of capital prior to receiving benefits of purchase minimizing ROI Cannot finance freight, maintenance and labor All soft costs can be financed
Collateral You own the equipment Banks usually require additional collateral such as real estate, equipment inventory, receivables or your house. It is common practice for banks to file a blanket lien against all assest of your company The equipment being financed